Geology & Geophysics

 Review of the existing Geological Data
Gathering the existing geological and satellite imagery data and reevaluate the data in order to propose the required new geological field work and mapping for surface prospecting with provision of its integration with seismic data.
Geological Fieldwork & Mapping
Plan and execute the geological data acquisition in the field. Prepare the geological maps at any required scale. Record detailed geological and stratigraphic information with the attitude data and geological contacts to produce quality maps and cross sections to tie up the surface geology with sub-surface seismic data.
GIS Data Analysis and Mapping
Arrange through third party the latest GIS and Satellite imageries of any area and prepare prospect level GIS reduced maps with all types features. Such work is very useful for seismic planning, road constructions, well site construction and the construction of the production fields.
Seismic Data Acquisition Supervision
Plan and propose the seismic acquisition program in line with required scope. Prepare Bid documents. Perform Bid evaluation. Prepare and negotiate the service contracts. Manage project planning and QC supervision for 2D and 3D seismic projects.
Seismic Data Processing Supervision
Plan and propose the seismic processing and reprocessing plans. Prepare Bid documents.Perform Bid evaluation. Prepare and negotiate service contracts.Manage QC supervision for 2D and 3D projects of time and depth processing.
G&G Interpretation & Mapping
Perform interpretation and mapping of seismic with other G&G data at regional and prospect level.Perform play and prospect risk analysis and detailed evaluation to the final recommendations.
Resource Evaluation
Perform geological and economic risk analysis. Calculate in place resources for each prospect.Prepare the lead and prospect inventory.Prepare exploration drilling order.
Post Well Evaluation
Perform critical post mortem of the unsuccessful wells in order to propose the recommendations as lesson learned.
Petrophysical Evaluation 
Perform detailed Petrophysical evaluation and formation evaluation.
Advance Seismic Evaluation
Perform advanced seismic Interpretation and evaluation like AVO Inversion analysis, Attribute mapping, rock physics and integrate with the time and depth surface mapping.