Reservoir & Field Development

Discovery Reports
Evaluate the size of the discovery in three scenarios by the integration of G&G and well test data   and prepare the required Discovery Reports in line with the provision of PCA, PSA, EPSA and PSC.
Discovery Appraisal Plans
Prepare the Discovery Appraisal plan in line with the size and extent of the discovery to propose the magnitude of the Appraisal plan in terms of further seismic and the numbers of the appraisal wells to drill.
Static Reservoir Modeling
Perform G&G data interpretation and mapping for the determination of the best possible extent of the reservoir pool.
Dynamic Reservoir Simulation Modeling
Perform integrated dynamic reservoir simulation modeling and reserves categorization.Propose the optimum numbers of development and production wells.  Prepare reserve definition in line with international PRMS regulations.
Integrated Discovery Evaluation
Perform interpretation and mapping of seismic with other G&G data and well test data in order to    come up with the reserves estimation for the preparation of Field Development Plan.
Production Well Designing
Preform a detailed expert analysis for the designing and construction of the production wells.
Field Development Plan
Prepare a full integrated field development plan of marginal discovery to large sized pool and provide multiple scenario of the development keeping techno-commercial aspects into consideration for achieving optimum recovery and best financial returns.